£1 Fish Man Just Got Serious

The £1 Fish Man became a legend in his own lifetime this year when a passer by filmed him serenading customers at his market stall with the now iconic £1 fish song – the video when viral and his life changed forever – X Factor eat your heart out.

It’s become an unlikely (or likely, these days) contender for Christmas number 1 and the campaign has just stepped up a notch with a new music video to acompany the single.

This is me putting my weight behind a market hero… you can buy the single on iTunes here… and watch the video below. Keep an eye out for a genius cameo from former weatherman Michael Fish.

Come on ladies, come on ladies…

By Darryl Morris

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  1. Sam van Geffen December 17, 2012 12:12 pm

    His Dad-dancing makes this a fitting Christmas No1 contender.


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