Fun – The Saviour of Christmas

Most modern Christmas songs are, frankly, crap.

At some point in the mid 90’s we seemed to lose all sense of what makes a good, catchy Christmas record – or maybe, post East 17, we just became a bit too cool for it. In 2003, The Darkness provided a glimmer of hope with their festive rock classic ‘Christmas Time’, but the momentum wasn’t to last.

This year, Grammy nominated indie rock band Fun have boldly gone where most wouldn’t dare. It’s not an original Christmas song, but their take on it most certainly is. They’ve taken the festive gem ‘Sleigh Ride’ and put it through the ‘Fun’ machine – what came out the other end is the best Christmas song for a decade.

Have a listen below… it gives me a funny warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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By Darryl Morris

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