Santa Tracker Live

Fresh from my sick bed (I had flu, if you hadn’t heard. It was on Sky News and everything… probably), I’m busy working on tomorrow night’s special Christmas Eve show – Santa Tracker Live – with the wonderful Aileen O’Sullivan. There is a picture of her face below, so there’s no awkwardness if you bump into her in a supermarket.

There will be lots of suprises and festive fun-times including (fingers crossed) a live link-up to another radio station in New Zealand as it becomes Christmas morning on the other side of the world. We’ll be checking in to see if the beardy one has been and, of course, following him as he makes his way around the world.

We’re on air 6pm-10pm UK time across the Bauer Network – so you’ll find us on…

  • Key 103 in Manchester
  • 97.4 Rock FM in Lancashire
  • Hallam FM in Shefield
  • 96.3 Radio Aire in Leeds
  • Metro Radio in Newcastle
  • TFM in Teeside
  • 96.6 Viking FM in Hull and Lincolnshire
  • CFM in Carlie and Cumbria
  • The Hits Radio all across the rest of the UK.

So there really is no excuse.

I’m bringing Mince pies, mixed nuts and a bottle of sherry (for after the show) and I’ll be sporting a festive jumper for the occasion. They aren’t mandatory but extra points will be awarded for those who’ve made an effort.

See you there.


                                                      Oh look… that’s Aileen.

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By Darryl Morris

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