The Hits Radio: Tired But Trending

Friday, finally! This week was all about getting from Late Show mode to Breakfast Show mode, which presented it’s challenges. Apart from looking and feeling like I’ve been on the wrong side of a Chris Brown tantrum, it’s all been very successful.

We soft launched the new Breakfast Show on The Hits Radio – and when I say soft launched… we were the number one Twitter trend worldwide on Friday morning. I’d love to say it was all excitement for the unveiling of the new-look show on Monday morning but we had a bit of help in the form of a new One Direction single. Their cover of Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ could have gone, well, one way or the other, but this is One Direction we’re talking about and they know how to do it. It was massive and we managed to get it on the radio before anyone else; playing it twice before Radio 1 or Capital had played it at all. That and our incredible audience took us to the number 1 worldwide trend on twitter during a busy morning of news. See below…

Next week we get on our feet properly – we’ll have warm up and reaction to the Brits, the chance to win some Beyonce tickets before they go on sale and new US artist Camryn chatting on Friday as she prepares to support 1D on tour – she’ll be on the phone every week to update us with all the gossip.

See you Monday at 7am on The Hits Radio Breakfast.

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By Darryl Morris

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