A Vine New App.

“Vine is the visual version of Twitter… “

A vine play on words for a title, don’t you think?┬áNo? Vine, suit yourself.

I’m not the first to this party, but I’m certainly not the last. Vine’s popularity seems to be growing out of the states and usage in the UK is still relatively low.

So what the vine is it all about? (OK – that one didn’t work so well)

I haven’t been this enthused by a social network since Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift and introduced the UK to Twitter… and a picture of 11 stranded people. Vine is the visual version of Twitter – beautiful simplicity and┬ábrevity that inspires you to be creative. You sign in with your Twitter account (or with an email address if you don’t have Twitter – but linking the two together helps you reach a wider audience and automatically builds you a Vine profile) and take short, 6 second videos and publish them to Vine. It allows you to stop the recording to move to a different view or create a different scene – which gives great potential for some really creative, stop motion video.

Click HERE to get Vine and learn more about it…

And click on my TWITTER to find my video and follow my Vine profile.

Happy Vining, Viner. No? Vine.


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By Darryl Morris

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