Brand New Lawson

Lawson and B.O.B. Lawson ft B.O.B. Lawson with B.O.B. Yep, I’m feeling it.

It will certainly help their push in the USA. Lawson are set to unveil their brand new single with America’s hip-hop son B.O.B, Brokenhearted, and I’ll be playing it on the radio for the first time tomorrow morning.

Brace yourself for loads of high pitched Lawson fans getting excited, a few pretentious hip-hop fans denouncing the whole thing and, for definite, a bloody good tune.

One of the guys will be on the show in the morning to introduce it and reveal all about working with B.O.B and cracking the States.

The Hits Radio Breakfast – tomorrow from 7am.

Lawson Brokenhearted

Above: Artwork for the new single, Brokenhearted.

Below: Lawson hanging with B.O.B in America.

Lawson with B.O.B

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By Darryl Morris

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