Darryl Breaks America: A Lawson Challenge

“It seems like, if you’re English, you can do whatever you want in America. It seems so easy…”

Words, I fear, I will live to regret.

This morning on The Hits Radio Breakfast Show, we played the new single by Lawson for the first time and the guys came on the show to introduce it. All was going wonderfully. The song was great, we were reminiscing about some fun times we’ve had in the past and we had some lovely banter about the way B.O.B says “Laaawson” on the tune. Then, in a heartbeat, I landed myself in it.

I suggested that, with so much success recently, it must be quite easy for a Brit to make it in the states. Quite reasonably, Lawson want me to put my money where my mouth is and get on American radio. When will I learn?

Below is what happened in full… keep listening to hear how I get on. And if you have any mates who run radio stations in America… feel free to put a good word it, I think I’ll need it!

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By Darryl Morris

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