Darryl’s Top 5: Air Horn Moments

If there’s one thing us humans truly love, it’s a good list. And a few other things I suppose, food and water and that. Every week we’ll take a look at 5 amazing things and rank them in an unnecessary but fulling countdown. Darryl’s Top 5 is born!

Inspired by my near-relationship-ending prank on unsuspecting girlfriend Hattie from this morning’s Hits Radio Breakfast Show (weekday mornings 7-10am), I thought it was about time somebody brought together a list of the finest air horn moments.

Number 5: The Air Horn Office Chair

In at number 5, this bad boy from Joey Piccoloa (no idea!). His tactic is a smart one – place the air horn under the victims office chair, so when he sits down, the air horn sounds. That way you can be well clear of any loud noises and avoid the inevitable punch in the face that this fairly strong looking chap would probably throw your way. And a classic reaction… of course.

Number 4: The Classic Wake Up

We couldn’t have a list of air horn pranks without a classic wake-up. This poor fella is catching 40 winks when is mates decide to make themselves YouTube famous. I’m not entirely sure what the guy is trying to defend himself against, but he just looks like he’s dancing to a Black Lace hit. Push pineapple, shake a tree…

Number 3: The You-Really-Should-Have-Got-Up-First-Time

Another of the classic wake-up’s, but you have to admire this woman’s persistance – and also the guys stupidity. There’s also a nice little twist…

Number 2: The Three Day Pass

I thought I would throw mine in here. I got a three day pass to do whatever I wanted without my girlfriend being angry‚Ķ so I woke her up with an air horn…

Number 1: Air Horn Golf

The stroke of a golf club and a stroke of genius. With 1.3 million hits on YouTube, there can be no arguments that this deserves it’s place at number 1! Not many people can re-create a stunt by the legendary TV trouble-makers on Jackass and go as far as to top it – but one afternoon, at the 18th hole of Meadowink Golf Course, a group of friends did just that. Behold, 4.47 of pure joy…

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By Darryl Morris

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