The Vamps Are Coming…

The Vamps have landed… whether you’re ready or not.

They’ve been grafting for years, uploading to YouTube and building their fanbase online. Finally, the internet’s little secret has landed at The Hits Radio.

The reaction to playing them has been huge – the #9amTakeover flooded by Vamps fans asking for their tune ‘Can We Dance’. Obviously we oblige.

The tune deserves the hype its getting. Written by powerhouse Bruno Mars, one of the many influential admirers who will eventually cement their success, it sounds like they’ve been doing it for years (in fairness they have, just no radio stations have been playing it). Its the edgier sound One Direction are trying to get to but the Vamps got there first.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself below. And catch their debut interview on The Hits Radio with James Everton this afternoon from 4.30. Listen HERE.

Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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By Darryl Morris

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