Darryl’s Top 5: Unlikely One Direction Fans

It’s been a week of 1D rumours. Some harmless, some pretty disturbing. It all started quite pleasantly with Pete Townsend, of old school rockers The Who, quashing speculation that his band were set to sue One Direction for sampling one of their 70’s hits – declaring his liking for the band in a statement. Then it took a fairly sinister turn as rumours emerged that several hardcore One Direction fans had taken their own lives following a revealing documentary about the extreme lengths some dedicated followers go to. Thankfully it seems these are untrue and the 1D fans peddling the story only served to prove the documentary right.

But with this in mind, let’s take a look some of the band’s unsuspecting supporters. I give you… Darryl’s Top 5: Unlikely One Direction Fans

5: Pete Townsend

After rumours surfaced that 70’s rockers The Who were planning to sue One Direction for ripping off one of their songs, the band’s guitar player Pete Townsend issued a statement saying “I like the single. I like One Direction.”

Pete Townsend

4: Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

The band’s global success has won them fans in all four corners of the world and it seems Aussie PM Kevin Rudd counts himself amongst them. The country’s leader follows just 15 people on Instagram including Barak Obama, a guy from NASA and… Harry Styles. Unfortunately, it seems Harry doesn’t follow Kevin back. #awkward

Kevin Rudd Instagram

3: David Beckham

It’s no secret that Becks knows a thing or two about music, after all he married a Spice Girl *cough*. But you might not have had him down as a 1D fan… until last week. David was spotted at the LA leg of the boys Take Me Home tour with Nail later tweeting…

‘Met our footballing hero ! Mr David Beckham! He brought the boys and his little girl to see us! What a Nice Man ! So courteous !’

David and Nial

2: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock is most famous for getting in the face of big corporations and exposing their wicked ways. Most notably in his 2004 Oscar winning hit ‘Supersize Me’.. so now he’s making a documentary about the world’s biggest pop band, born through a reality TV show and controlled by Simon Cowell. Huh.

Spurlock is directing the new movie ‘One Direction: This Is Us’, which premieres next week, and it turns out he’s quite fond of the boys. He described himself as “a passionate music fan” and them “a phenomenon”.

At least it guarantees the movie won’t just be a gusting fan film and we should get a fairly honest account of life in world’s biggest band.

Morgan Spurlock

1: My Grandma

That’s right, the Top 5 unlikely One Direction fans leads us to Bolton and to my dear Grandma, Phyllis. She listens to The Hits Radio Breakfast every morning and quite regularly pesters me for her favourite song…

You better believe it.


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By Darryl Morris

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