Darryl’s Top 5 – Twitter Spats

Lily Allen has announced her much anticipated return to the music industry this week after taking time out to have babies and argue with Azealia Banks on Twitter. Her spats with Azealia have kept her in the papers and kept us thoroughly entertained.

So with this in mind, lets take a look at some of the finest Twitter dummy throwers. This is Darryl’s Top 5: Twitter Spats

Number 5: Lily Allen vs Azealia Banks

It’s well known that the early stages of motherhood can drive you crazy; long days roaming around the house, cleaning up baby sick and doing the washing. Some turn to the bottle, some turn to Twitter.

Lily branded the singer a “one hit wonder” before Azealia went straight for the jugular, calling Lily’s children “ugly”. Uh oh.

Lily’s response was smart… I’ve had 2 kids since 212 dropped and I bet my album still comes out 1st. bitch is scared of the ball. OUT.”

Azealia isn’t one for holding back and replied with… “She’s just mad cause sucking her husbands *&*$ is like playing thumb wars” before tweeting a topless picture of Lily Allen from a magazine.

Crikey. Don’t mess with Azealia Banks.


Number 4: Calvin Harris vs Rita Ora

Not particularly juicy but it deserves its place in the top 5 because of the way it ended. Calvin was a little miffed after the singer claimed she had first refusal on Cheryl Cole’s hit ‘Call My Name’, tweeting…

For the record, Call My Name was never given to Rita Ora to sing…she made that up, don’t know why.”

Rita popped back with – “See what I dn’t understand is y dn’t people @ your name when they talk about u?”

Calvin defended himself saying – “I was setting the record straight as you didn’t at the time. It was a disrespectful comment to make, that’s all.”

Despite their head-to-head, a year later the pair announced they were dating! Calvin has admitted Rita isn’t a huge fan of his electric dance and that music isn’t a big part of their relationship. That’s a relief.

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora leaving a private residence

Number 3: Frankie Boyle vs James Arthur

Frankie Boyle is never backward in coming forward and his conflict with X Factor winner James Arthur was a particularly nasty one. The comedian tweeted…

“James Arthur looks like someone put a sheep’s teeth into a baby’s head.” Ouch.

James was understandably miffed and came back with…. “Your about as funny as aids. You’re a sad man and I can’t wait to see you coz it’s about time someone gave you a reality check.”

It bubbled on for quite a while, with Frankie adding… “Comedians make jokes about tits singing karaoke songs on talent shows, you snaggletoothed grammar holocaust. Deal with it.”

Don’t expect to see them at a gig anytime soon.


Number 2: The Wanted vs One Direction

This one has been rumbling on for a while and doesn’t look like going away. Which is fine by us because it’s super entertaining. The banter between Zayn Malik and Max George was fairly harmless, until Zayn called Max “chlamydia boy” and it took a turn for the worst.

Max hit back by offering to sort the issue in person, tweeting Tell me you’re problems without the 8 security in NYC.. The only problem I have with you is the s*** banter. Grow up son.”

The Wanted’s Tom Parker waded in, having a dig at Zayn’s blonde streak in his hair, to which Zayn replied with… “Mate if I had a face like yours my hair would be the last thing I’d worry about :).”

1-0 Zayn.


Number 1: Piers Morgan vs… EVERYBODY

There is only one person we could put at the top of this list, the prince of pissing people off on Twitter is the ever-loveable Piers Morgan. He’s managed to argue with most of Twitter’s 500 million users as well as plenty of famous faces including Rihanna, Michael Owen, Gary Lineker, Ricky Gervais, Rio Ferdinand, Chris Evans, the whole of One Direction and most famously, Lord Sugar.

The banter continues as we speak with the pair regularly blasting each other over TV ratings, football and bad spelling.

Lord Sugar had to donate £20k to Great Ormond Street Hospital after losing a bet when their teams played each other in the Champions League. Sugar took the high road and tweeted…

£20k on its way to GOSH. You have the Best PL manager now Sir A has gone. We threw our chances away long ago”

Piers couldn’t contain his smugness and replied “Thanks, Shuggsy. Loosen your tie on the journey home, don’t want you choking too…”

Chances are it will be your turn soon, so good luck with that.



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By Darryl Morris

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