Happy Friday 13th, Darryl.

Friday 13th has never been much of an unlucky day for me… apart from today, it seems.

After months of bickering and winding each other up, James Everton decided to dish out the ultimate payback – in the form of a massive Tarantula and an 8ft Burmese Python.

Knowing I was terrified of spiders, James brought his friend Crocodile Joe to meet me, who in turn brought his friend Tilly the Tarantula.

Completely unable to move, never mind hold it, we agreed I would hold a snake instead. Enter 8ft Burmese Python, Marbles. Young Marbles wasn’t content with being draped around my neck and decided she’d take a trip… down my pants.

Watch me tackle my worst nightmare here…


As if that wasn’t enough, the producers then decided to throw a guy called Cross in the mix… and this happened.



Cheers James.




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By Darryl Morris

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