Darryl’s Top 5 – Bad Hat Days

There’s always one. Every awards ceremony, somebody has to steal the fashion columns by wearing a questionable garmet. I’m not sure if it was Pharrell Williams’ intention to turn heads with his hat or if he was having a bad hair day and threw it on as he was leaving the house (we’ve all done it, right?). Either way, heads a’turned and, aside from Taylor Swift thinking she’d won when she hadn’t, he was the talk of the town. So lets take a look at some of the most notable hats in showbiz…

Number 5: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell goes straight in at number 5. Award ceremonies can be long and tedious and I’d imagine Los Angeles is hideously over priced. With this in mind, it’s possible Pharrell has attempted to sneak a bottle of Sambuca into the Grammy’s, balanced perfectly under this hat. Or, fed up of being out-sized by his wife Helen, he’s taken desperate measures to add a few inches.

Hat Pharrell

Number 4: Me

OK. I’ve added myself to the list in the hope that I won’t be flooded with people suggesting I should have. On my radio show this morning, we came to the conclusion that, despite incessant teasing from friends and family, a flatcap is a very cool thing to own. It may not help that I am northern and I accept the Fred Dibnah jibes aren’t without foundation, but now I’ve added it to this list, can we all just move on? My flatcap and I would like to get on with our lives.

Hats Darryl

Number 3: Katy Price

You can forgive Pharrell Williams a slight slip on the taste front and you can surely understand why I’m persisting with my new look, but it’s hard to fathom exactly what Katie Price was thinking with this. She wore the hat(?) at the launch of a new ‘blinged up’ iPod rage in 2010 and while I admire her entrepreneurial spirit, it’s difficult to understand how she got from designing a new technology product to… wearing it on her head!!

Hats Katy Price

Number 2: Katy Perry

Just missing out on the top spot is Katy Perry with a display Alan Tichmarsh would be proud of. Katy said that she’d been inspired by Victoria Beckham, which in itself is a mistake you only make once. Worn to a Paul McCartney tribute event, its so overbearingly floral that even Laurence Llewelyn Bowen may find himself intimidated.

Hats Katy Perry

Number 1: Gaga

If we are honest with ourselves, there can only be one winner. A woman so versed in wearing bad hats that she could haven taken the whole top 5 on her own. Picking out the worst was tough. After days of deliberation, I landed on this. I’m not sure what the decision making process involves for Gaga and her team of… erm… stylists, but I do wish I was present and able to intervene when this monstrosity was given the green light. It looks like somebody has accidentally wedged their head in a super-size hash brown and its hard to tell if that’s actually Gaga at all. She could have decided not to bother with that day’s commitments and sent somebody else. “I can’t be bothered today. Stick a massive hash brown on somebodies head, nobody will notice it isn’t me!” Well, we noticed.

Hats GaGa 2


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By Darryl Morris

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