Rixton Have Landed

You know that feeling, when a song or band you found early gets picked up by the rest of the world and suddenly it isn’t your thing anymore.

It’s tough, that. Every time you hear it on the radio or seeping through somebodies earphones on the bus, you want to tap them on the shoulder and tell them you heard that song ages ago. But you don’t, because that’d be weird.

This is hard for me, but it’s time to introduce you to Rixton.

Four lads. Jake, Charley, Lewi and Danny. Snapped up by American music mogul Scooter Braun and currently taking the US by storm, they’re about to get their mainstream UK breakthrough.

Jake is the main man. The son of TV’s Shane Riche and Coleen Nolan (I know, but we’ll skip past that), he’s no stranger to the attention. He’s worked as an actor for most of his life.

You will hear a lot about these four guys over the next few months, so I’ll save you the family history for now. Just take a listen and remember, when you’re sat at the back of the 168, leaking them to the rest of the top deck, you heard it here first…

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By Darryl Morris

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