Darryl’s Top 5 – Awkward Celebrity Interviews

Guest throws water over talk-show host. It’s a classic – a dead cert to get people talking. John Cleese unleashed this weapon in a slightly boring turned bizarre interview on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man this weekend.


It was fairly tame and light hearted, as they go, so lets up the cringe count and take a look at some of the most awkward celebrity interviews.

Number 5: Sean Connery

Despite being a movie legend, in this interview with Barbara Walter, Sean Connery proved himself the kind of guy you’d accidentally forget to invite to your dinner party. Oh, Sean. What are you thinking?


Number 4: Jessie Eisenberg

It’s hard to say who is more at fault in this enormous cocktail of awkward. I’ve searched and searched for some sort of sexual tension to give the car crash a happy ending, but all we’re left with is a mangled film star and a presenter needing serious help.


Number 3: Grace Jones

Grace Jones. Two words that could scare the most seasoned talk-show host into early retirement. She’s had her fair share of odd interviews and this one tops the lot…


Number 2: Bruce Willis

As somebody who interviews famous folk regularly, this one makes for quite stressful viewing. The ever-weird Bruce Willis decides to make poor entertainment reporter Jamie Edwards’ life a living hell. The process is fairly simple, Bruce – you make a film, promote the film, take home loads of cash and we all get on with the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, it seems poor Bruce had become a bit confused with what his job involves.


Number 1: Tom Cruise

And in at number 1, the undisputed king of awkward interviews, Mr. Tom Cruise. Researches on Oprah must have missed the footnote in the actor’s rider and failed to remove the blue Smarties. It’s been doing the rounds online for many years but watching Cruise’s apparent love sick meltdown never gets boring.



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By Darryl Morris

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