Darryl’s Top 5: Gig Fails

Kanye West has proven that even God himself can make mistakes. In an incident only slightly less awful than watching the actual crucifixion, the rapper demanded two wheelchair users stand up at a gig in Sydney. But Kanye isn’t alone; plenty have fallen foul to a gig disaster.

I give you, Darryl’s Top 5: Gig Fails.

Number 5:

Very few performers can get themselves embroiled in a fight with a fan and yet remain cool… and in key. For Beyoncé, this is no hassle.

When her hair was swallowed during a gig in Montreal, Beyoncé seemed so unfazed by the whole event that it further compounded suspicious that she isn’t actually a human being at all.

Number 4:

Another woman battered by a piece of staging was P!nk. The singer came crashing to the ground during a gig in Germany after her harness wasn’t attached correctly.

The worse thing about P!nk’s fall from grace and stage is that it’s clearly somebody’s fault – and being on the end of a P!nk telling off seems like a fate worse than death.

Number 3:

One of a small number of things more terrifying than being shouted at by P!nk is being shouted at by the whole of New York rockers KISS.

I think it’s fair to say this guy won’t be taking a laser to any more gigs.


Number 2: 

Ah, Jedward. No list of awkward and embarrassing moments would be complete without the Irish gift that keeps on giving.

Annoyed by their mere presence, the gig Gods came down hard on John or Edward during a performance at T4 On the Beach (R.I.P) and broke a leg. Credit where it’s due, the little lamb struggled on and in doing so, gave us 4 minuets of cringing joy.

Number 1:

No award ceremony is completely without the long, vomit inducing acceptance speeches, the offensive host, the loser who forgot their brave face and, most importantly, somebody making and complete and utter arse out of themselves.

Step forward American singer Miguel at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. For a reason known only to himself, Miguel decided to make a daredevil jump across a second of the crowd and it didn’t end well… in fact, it ended horrifically.


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By Darryl Morris

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