An A4 of Honesty – ADHD, Clooney and a loony

How often do you open somebody’s blog and see that optimistic first post; promising a regular update on their lives or passions? It’s dated 18 months ago and you can’t help but sympathise with their short -lived gusto. Well, this could very well be mine. An A4 of Honesty will, hopefully, be a weekly page of… stuff; thoughts, news and pontification and if you’re reading this in 18 months with nothing to follow… sorry. God loves a trier.

My mind is alive. I want to do everything and, yet, nothing. ADHD has me in a chokehold. It’s a miracle I’ve made it past Facebook and Twitter to open Word and start typing. Simply finding the date for this heading nearly lead to an unnecessary diary reshuffle.

Coffee doesn’t help. I’ve had a whole cafetiere to myself. A move that epitomises my dismal self control. I trusted myself not to have too much coffee again. Although it is a Sunday and I’ve convinced myself that coffee and bread have no consequences on a Sunday. I may not be too far from the truth, is it possible for your mind to decide when it does and doesn’t feel the effects of something? These mysterious and quietly troubling stomach pains come and go… seemingly whenever I choose. My ADHD prevails, though.

I believe success relies on two factors, the space to dream and the will to make them a reality. I like days that give me that space. It gives me the energy I need to see my dreams a reality. Although the list of things I want to do is longer than my concentration span will often allow. I need structure to make things happen but that doesn’t do much to aid the creativity. Most of us are best in a morning, but I’m happily preoccupied with my breakfast radio show till 10am. Finding more time in our diaries to explore, live, breath and dream will enhance productivity and benefit every area of life. We should never underestimate the power of down time.

George Clooney is married, so the news is telling us. Although I much prefer the headline ‘Internationally Acclaimed Barrister Marries an Actor’ – credit to Business Woman for that. This news sits parallel to air strikes in Iraq and some smug, self-important moron defecting from the Conservative Party to the equally undesirable UKIP. This man is Mark Reckless – which makes him sound like a fictional character from a satirical magazine. The most disheartening thing to come from this man’s decision to jump from a frying pan into a fire is that it completely undermines a recent wave of enthusiasm in politics. Reckless has kicked the political football straight back into touch after a movement that eclipsed this sort of partisan politics. The mood that grew from the Scottish referendum gave hope to the disillusioned; hopes that they could challenge convention and possibly even win – if not change a few things. An opportunistic move, on the eve of the Tory party conference, from this narcissistic cretin has set back 3 years of hard fought progress – exposing what’s really on the conscious of the political class, still firmly focused on their own personal progression, and spiting those who get in their way. Thanks for that, mate.

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By Darryl Morris

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