The Hits Radio Is Changing…

Hello there.

Something is happening and it’s quite exciting. From tomorrow, The Hits Radio is going to sound a little bit different. Not hugely different though, all the good bits remain.

Depending on where you listen to us, the station may have a slightly different name – and some cool new jingles to fit.

If you listen to us via Freeview TV, online or via the app, we’ll still be called The Hits. If you listen on DAB Digital radio, we will have a different name. That’s it.

Here’s what we’ll be called in different places on DAB radio, find where you live and what the new name will be.

If you listen in Manchester, we’ll be called Key 3.
If you’re listening in Lancashire, we’ll be called Rock 3.
If you listen in Liverpool, you’ll find we’re now called Radio City 3.
Do you listen in Newcastle? Then we’ll be called Metro Radio 3.
If you’re listening in Teeside, we’ll be called TFM 3.
Got us on in Leeds? We’ll be called Radio Aire 3.
If you listen in Sheffield, then we’ll be called Hallam 3.
How about Hull? There we’ll be called Viking 3.
If you’re in Scotland listening in Glasgow, we’ll be Clyde 3.
Are you in Edinburgh? Then we’re called Forth 3.
If you find yourself in Tayside and Fife, you’ll notice we’re called Tay 3.
And if you listen to us from North Scotland, we are now MFR 3.

Phew. There we are. Are you still with me?

Nothing else is changing, though. I’ll still be crawling out of bed at stupid o’clock to mess around with Posh Producer Sam and play some massive hits to wake up to on Darryl Morris in the Morning. You’ll get your fix of Michael Blades, Olivia Jones and In:Demand for the evenings. And most importantly, we’ll still be playing loads of hits and hanging out with the stars.

That said, one more little thing has changed, Darryl Morris in the Morning now runs 7am-11am. So you’ll have an extra hour of me. What a time to be alive.

See you in the morning, when you wake up.

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By Darryl Morris

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