Lancashire Evening Post – Sean, One Year On…

Just short of a year later, the late summer mugginess hung in the air.

Intrusive and uncomfortable, it niggled at you with every step as you fought your way through the rotting stench of sun drenched bins, overflowing on to the high street.

My heart skipped a beat as I spotted him lying in a doorway. Plastic suits, stuck to their soulless owners in the heat, made their way into the Tesco Express next door. No particular regard for a sight seen every day, as regular a part of the landscape as the flowing bin juice.

I crouched beside him as he took a moment to focus on my face. The warm smile I’d been greeted with a year earlier replaced by a confused strain. He did eventually recognise the stranger who stepped from the crowd to talk to him, but he wasn’t pleased to see me – or for me to see him. In January, I wrote in this paper of my encounter with a homeless man called Sean… I had, originally and naively, expected to be his saviour…

As I towered before him, one year on, I hadn’t ever expected to feel as I did…

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By Darryl Morris

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