Darryl Breaks America: Wink 106.

It wasn’t a good start, I’ll give them that.

Lawson were on The Hits Radio Breakfast Show on Monday to introduce their brand new single and chat about working with B.O.B… I managed to put my food in it and claim that breaking America must be easy if you’re a Brit, with so many British artists cracking the States. Lawson did what anybody would do and challenged me to put my money where my mouth is… “It’s a Lawson¬†challenge, get on the radio in America” –¬†listen to what happened here.

I’ve wasted no time, the gauntlet has been thrown down and it’s time to play the game. I started the only way I could think how, by calling a radio station in the US and asking for a job. Simple? Yes. Affective? Find out for yourself…

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By Darryl Morris

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